Turbo yeast alcohol fermentations

Home brewing of pure alcohol by using turbo yeast. You can do it in anything between 24 hours and a week depending on strength, purity etc. There is a turbo yeast from Alcotec for every possible use.

What exactly IS a turbo yeast?

turbo yeast alcohol

The shortest definition would be: A yeast/nutrient mix designed to produce high and pure alcohol by fermentation from a sugar/water wash.

The aim is to control fermentation very precisely which is why turbo yeast is not used much on fruit washes, molasses, grains etc. These raw materials are simply to "random" to guarantee a 100% controlled fermentation.

So the raw material is always sugar, dissolved in water. Nothing else. Then there are different turbo's for different purposes such as: 

Make 14% alcohol in 24-72 hours

These turbo yeasts are the old Alcotec 6, the Alcotec 48 when used with 6 kgs of sugar and of course the famous Alcotec 24 which will do it in a day.

Make a lot higher alcohol, but in a longer time

The best allrounder in this group is the Alcotec 48, but used with 8kgs of sugar instead (5 day fermentation). There are also the Alcotec 23% and the Triple Still.

Speciality turbo yeast - hyper fast, hyper clean

The two contestants in this class are Alcotec VodkaStar and the Alcotec Triple Still turbo yeast. They both aim at purity more than speed or alcohol..