Turbo yeast instruction

Here's a short summary - how to ferment alcohol with a turbo yeast.

Making up the wash with water and sugar

First mix some hot water with your sugar to dissolve it (warning, don't use glass vessels). When you are sure the sugar has dissolved completely, top up your fermenter to final volume with cold water. Make sure you have around 25 C in the liquid before adding the turbo yeast pack.

Adding the turbo yeast

Now this is the simple bit - just pour it in and give it a stir. Whatever you do, don't try to soak the yeast in a cup of water first - that would kill it as it would get an overdose of nutrition.

Alcohol fermentation

Just place your brew somewhere with a constant temperature, best around 20-22 C but as long as you stay within 17-28C you should be OK (depending a bit on which turbo yeast you have).

Activated carbon, finings etc

After the main fermentation you can distill the wash (if this is legal where you live), or you can clear it, treat it with charcoal and then mix with essences to make drinks.