Turbo yeast and temperature tolerance

Turbo yeasts especially of the older non-temperature-tolerant class are sensitive to overheating.

turbo yeast moonshine


During the fermentation of alcohol by a turbo yeast, it is important not to overheat the wash. This can easily happen because the yeast itself develops a lot of internal heat and it then only takes a moderately hot room to overheat the wash. The heat energy created is not constant, you get more of it early on, typically after 24 hours of fermentation. If you use a temperature tolerant yeast such as the Alcotec 48, there is less risk for overheating.

What you need to watch is:
  • The temperature rise in the wash which is a short period of maybe around 15 hours after the first 15 hours of heat building up.
  • Avoid large temperature fluctuations in the room as this may distrurb the alcohol fermentation.