Alcotec 23% alcohol turbo yeast

High alcohol turbo yeast - using new technology within fermentation, the Alcotec 23% is the first yeast to break the 20% level of fermented alcohol.

turbo yeast alcohol 48


How to make 23% alcohol by fermentation

Some 10-15 years ago, the industry believed it was impossible to ferment much above 16-17% but as Alcotec has proved with the Alcotec 48 and later the extreme Alcotec 23%, it can be taken much further.

The recipe is no longer only a nitrogen source plus vitamins and minerals, we have here included activated carbon as well used both for filtration during the late stages of fermentation and for its ability to keep the yeast "floating" longer so it can produce higher alcohol levels. With the carbon there during fermentation, it will of course become an issue how to get rid of it again so the Alcotec 23% turbo yeast also contains its own fining agent.