Alcotec 48 turbo yeast (TY)

Making alcohol in 48 hours is no longer difficult - or go for 20% in 5 days!

turbo yeast alcohol 48

Double recipes for making alcohol (moonshine)

With the use of Alcotec 48 turbo yeast (TY) you can decide when you start fermentation whether you want to make moderate amount of alcohol and fast (14% in 2 days), or high levels of alcohol over a little longer period (20% in 5 days). It simply depends on the amount of white sugar (sucrose) you add - 240kgs per m3 for the fast, lower alcohol version and 320 kgs per m3 for the high alcohol version in 5-6 days. For the consumer product, it is either 6kgs per 25L or 8kgs per 25L.

Alcotec 48 contains the highly active Alcotec Ethanol TT yeast mixed with the Alcotec Nutrient for high alcohol fermenations. Turbo yeast is commonly abbreviated to TY. 48hr turbo yeast is the most commonly used type.

Alcotec 48 (TY) dose

Normally 5.4kgs per m3 for high alcohol fermentation of a sucrose wash. If there is anything nutritious present - fruit, molasses, grains, it is possible to reduce a little but this needs tweaking or each case and we can not give any general recommendation here.

What sugar to use

Either plain white sugar (at the amounts stated in the normal recipe), or for better solubility, use brewing sugar (Dextrose Monohydrate) but remember to dose another 10% to compensate for the water molecule.

Temperature tolerance

This turbo yeast is considerably more tolerant to high temperatures than the Alcotec 24, or any older recipe such as the Alcotec 6 or Alcotec 8. The optimum is still ambient (and liquid) temperature around 25 C, but it is no disaster if the ambient temperature shoots a bit over 30 C.