Alcotec 6 turbo yeast

Alcotec 6 - the first turbo yeast - Now only in production in a special version for New Zealand.

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Alcotec 6 - The original turbo yeast

This was one of the original turbo yeasts, only the Swedish Turbo-3 was earlier. Alcotec 6 was launched in 1995 as an improved version of the Turbo-3 (which by the way is still a very popular brand in Scandinavia). This was a very good turbo yeast for its days, it handles 6 kgs of sugar into 25 litres total volume and makes 14% alcohol in 3 days. It is not as temperature tolerant as the much later Alcotec 48 but it is still pretty good if used in the right temperature range (18C - 26C approx).

It is currently only sold in New Zealand.