Alcotec Triple Still turbo yeast

Extremely low levels of volatiles and off flavours - Alcotec Triple Still turbo yeast.

turbo yeast pure


A turbo yeast in the "pure" class

Alcotec Triple Still is actually not just another pure turbo, it's the current leader of purity in fermentation. With a newly developed yeast strain, specialised in clean fermentation, we can reach fairly high alcohol without producing any large amount of volatiles or off-flavours.

We have also included liquid activated carbon

The carbon is the icing on the cake - it adds the final purity to your brew. The aim during the development was to ferment a half strength Vodka with no need for further distillation or carbon treatment and this is exactly what the Alcotec Triple Still does. If you were to put the wash through a still (where legal) you would get fantastic results but it may be a bit of overkill.