Alcotec Vodka Star turbo yeast

Vodka Star turbo yeast is used for extreme purity in alcohol production.

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The art of fermenting very pure alcohol

We developed the Vodka Star turbo yeast for extremely pure alcohol fermentations, allowing lower speed to achieve a cleaner end product. This is borderline to being a turbo yeast, but as it really contains all ingredients in one sachet, we have classified it amongst the other turbo's.

Making fruit shots

This turbo yeast can handle fruit fermentations, something most other turbo's can't do (well). The Vodka Star actually excels in this and prouces very clean spirit from most fruit recipes.

Recipe for alchol

The Vodka Star is designed to handle 6 kgs of sugar in a 25 litre solution. For even purer result, change downwards to 5.5 kgs per 25 litres (you will then sacrifice a small amount of alcohol but that is the price for extreme purity). Fermentation should be ready in 5-6 days.